feasibility study

Concept Design Complete for Provincial Government Offices in Lubumbashi by mbachi kaluba

Photograph of Provincial Government Offices 1:1,000 scale physical model

Photograph of Provincial Government Offices 1:1,000 scale physical model

The Idea

In developing the scheme, the building had to be split into 4 levels and 4 zones to allow for the physical separation required for security and function. 


The new courtyard allowed us to bring natural light into the basement areas and the sculpted landscape allowed the building mass to blend into the surrounding context whilst maintaining views across to the Cathedral and existing Governor’s residence.

With the program and function in mind, we have allowed for playfulness in the sizes of perforations in the building facade to allow light and transparency into the appropriate spaces.

It will also soften, lighten and break up what appears to be a monolithic structure. Panoramic views towards the zoological gardens are maximised on the upper floors.

Copper Building Facade

The natural perforated copper cladding will age gracefully next to the composite perforated cladding. To give further aesthetic quality, the patterns will be developed in collaboration with local artists. This will result in a constantly changing appearance of the panels on the facade depending on the angle, intensity and colour of the daylight playing on them. 

Amalgam model makersWatch 3bd Provincial Government Offices Video, See more project images here